Features of PCDOM PrimaCare

PCDOM PrimaCare is an Electronic Medical Record & Clinic Management System that enables the General Practitioner to comply with the Private Health Care Facilities & Services Act 1998.

This comprehensive web-based client server system consists of the following modules:
1. Patient Management
2. Clinic Management
3. Pharmacy Management
4. Schedule Management
5. Medical Resources Management
6. Billing Management
7. Financial Management
8. Asset and Supply Management
9. System Administration

The standard PCDOM PrimaCare system uses a completely open source stack -- Linux operating system, Apache web server, PHP5 scripting language, PostgreSQL relational database management system, etc. Thus, expensive licensing costs and vendor lock-ins can be avoided. Workstations are operating system platform independent, only requires Javascript capable web browsers.

Download the PrimaCare 4 brochure in pdf (61kb) for more details.